Where to buy ABCMETA (META) cryptocurrency

The Meta tokens is not easy to get, due to the shortage of crypto exchanges that list it. There's only 1 trading platform with 1 pair: 0XEDCF.../0XC213.... All the details about, including instructions, fees and pairs read below.

Where to buy ABCMETA

Step 1

You need an account with a cryptocurrency exchange that supports ABCMETA. All of them provided on our site. Register it, if you don't already have it or login with your credentials.


Name Fee Trust DeFi Volume
Buy on Quickswap Quickswap ?? / ?? MEDIUM No $540
Step 2

Purchase or transfer with P2P this coin: 0XC213....

Step 3

Switch to spot market on your crypto exchange and type the token name in search line. Select from available trading pairs, then set order and push Buy META button.


After you click buy, the Meta token will be available on your account on the trading platform. You need to know that just moving your coins from exchange to secure crypto wallet like Trezor One or Ledger, you can improve protection of your finances. It ain't only reduce your risk if your exchange of choice gets hacked, but if you transfer offline wallet, your Meta coin becomes safe assets. Only con is usually have to pay a small fee to transfer your tokens from the crypto exchange.

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META is the token issued by ABCMETA platform. It is a representative of the platform's own rights and interests.

Video Review

Free ABCMETA airdrop, how to make thousands of dollars through ABCMETA airdrop.

Statistics and Externals

Term of hashing algorithm doesn't apply in case of Meta crypto.

Price and supply

The current total supply is 100000000000, with a circulating supply of 0 META as of Jun 2024. The total number of coins that can ever be minted infinite.

The price of ABCMETA token is $0.000000000342 as of 10:01 AM. The price went up on 1.0089% over the past 24 hours. The recent price action left the token's market capitalization at 0 united states dollars. So far last 30 days, the Meta crypto was raised on 0.88%.


What exchange can I buy ABCMETA?

Meta token can be purchased from 1 exchange. And these are some of them: Quickswap.

Is ABCMETA token a good investment?

The Meta coin has a high risks of price fall. Due to the high volatility of all crypto industry you should understand: learn the risks before you start trading, you can lose all of your invested funds and unexpected changes in market can lead to sharp and sudden moves in price. The other side of that it's opportunity to get filthy rich by investing in crypto.


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