How & where to buy agEUR crypto coin

The agEUR crypto is incredibly difficult to purchase, owing to the shortage of exchanges that list it. There's only nine trading platforms with fifteen pairs: 0XE0B5.../0X4E3D..., 0X4E3D.../0XE0B5..., 0XFA5E.../0XFF97... and other. Detailed information, including last project news, market cap and pairs read below.

Where to buy agEUR

Step 1

You need an account with a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Ageur. All of them provided on our site. Register it, if you don't already have it or login with your credentials.


Name Fee Trust DeFi Volume
Buy on Uniswap (v3) Uniswap (v3) 0.3 / 0.3 MEDIUM No $22297
Buy on Sushiswap Sushiswap 0.3 / 0.3 MEDIUM No $1027
Buy on Quickswap Quickswap ?? / ?? MEDIUM No $540
Step 2

Transfer or purchase with peer-to-peer trading one of this coins: 0X4E3D..., 0XDB25..., 0XA0B8..., 0XC581..., 0X1A7E... or other.

Step 3

Switch to spot on exchange and type the token name in search form. Choose between available trading pairs, then set order and push Buy AGEUR button.


By clicking "buy" button, the Ageur will be deposited in your account on the exchange. You need to know that only moving your coins off crypto exchange into cold crypto wallet like Trezor T or Ledger Nano S Plus, you help better protect your purchase. This isn't only shorten your risk if your exchange or account gets cracked, but if you move to separate hardware wallet, your Ageur coin turn into safe assets. Only flaw is, usually have to pay a small fee to transfer your coins off of the exchange.

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What is agEUR

agEUR is a stablecoin of the Angle Protocol which value is pegged to the Euro. This stablecoin is backed by derivatives and by the insurance fund of the Angle Protocol. It is fully convertible against collateral held in the protocol. To know the value of 1 Euro, the protocol looks at oracle feeds from Uniswap V3 and Chainlink.

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Statistics and Externals

Term of hashing algorithm doesn't apply in case of Ageur blockchain.

Price and supply

The current total supply is 21016518.163629, with a circulating supply of 0 AGEUR as of Apr 2024. This coin does not have a fixed max supply.

The price of Ageur crypto is $1.0634 as of 02:25 PM. The price went up on 0.9996% over the past 24 hours. The recent price action left the token's market capitalization at 22.7 millions united states dollars. In past 30 days, the Ageur coin went up on 0.98%.


What crypto exchange can I buy agEUR crypto?

Ageur crypto can be bought from nine exchanges. And these are some of them: SolidLizard, Sushiswap, Balancer V2 (Polygon), Ramses and Pancakeswap V3 (BSC).

Is Ageur coin a good investment?

The Ageur cryptocurrency has a high risks of value drop. Due to the high volatility of all crypto industry you have to understand: any cryptocurrency has a possibility price to crash to zero, learn the risks before you start trading and you can lose all of your invested funds. Aside from that it's possible to become rich by investing in crypto.


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