How & where to buy AIBRA cryptocurrency

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Where to buy AIBRA

Step 1

You need an account with a cryptocurrency exchange that supports AIBRA token. All of them provided on our site. Register it, if you don't already have it or login with your credentials.


Name Fee Trust DeFi Volume
Buy on Sphynx (Brise) Sphynx (Brise) ?? / ?? MEDIUM No $3
Step 2

Abr token can't be purchased from trading platforms. You can search it on presale, Crypto forums or launchpads.

Step 3

If you find offer, try to check his reputation before invest. Transfer money only when you sure of the safety and purity of the transaction.


After you hit "buy" button, the Abr will be deposited in your account on the trading platform. Remember that only moving your coins from exchange into separate hardware wallet, you can improve protection of your purchase. This not just reduce your risk if your trading platform of choice gets cracked, but if you move to a “cold,” or offline, wallet, your Abr coin becomes virtually unbreakable. Only flaw is generally have to pay a small withdrawal fee to transfer your tokens off of the exchange.

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What is AIBRA

What is AIBRA? AIBRA is an AI & blockchain based Recruitment Tool decentralizes the typical recruitment model creating an ecosystem of recruiters, job seekers and recruitment agencies united by providing more value for the future of recruitment and Decentralised finance,through utilities of staking, and other Defi products. AIBRA token was launched on the 3rd of July 2022 with 1billion Aibra token created at genesis. 45% of Aibra total token will be burn with (5% monthly vested). Aibra tools Include * A Recruitment tool built on Bitgert Blockchain. * Dapp tracker for tracking dapp listed on bitgert Blockchain * Standalone wallet use for receiving and sending payment tokens.

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Statistics and Externals

Term of hashing algorithms doesn't apply in case of AIBRA cryptocurrency.

Price and supply

The current total supply is 1000 millions, with a circulating supply of 0 ABR as of Jul 2024. The AIBRA max amount of coins that will ever exist is 100000000.

The Abr token price is $0.141705453301 as of 04:33 PM. The price went up on 0.9867% over the past 24 hours. The recent price action left the token's market capitalization at 0 USD. So far last 30 days, the Abr crypto went up on 0.79%.


What cryptocurrency exchange can I buy Abr token?

AIBRA crypto not listed on any trading platforms. You can look for it on Crypto forums, Pre-ICO or presale.

Is Abr a good investment?

The Abr cryptocurrency is a risky asset that has strong potential to lose its value. Due to the high volatility of all cryptocurrency market you bear in mind: any cryptocurrency has a possibility price to crash to zero, unexpected changes in market can lead to sharp and sudden moves in price and you can lose all of your invested funds. But on the other hand of that investing in cryptocurrencies is potentially extremely profitable.


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