Where to buy Auxo crypto coin

The Auxo tokens is bit more complicated to purchase, because of the shortage of cryptocurrency trading platforms that list it. The one exchange offer one pair. More information, including market cap, instructions and last project news see above.

Where to buy Auxo

Step 1

You need an account with a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Auxo crypto. All of them listed on our site. Create it, if you don't already have it or login with your credentials.


Name Fee Trust DeFi Volume
Buy on Uniswap V3 (Ethereum) Uniswap V3 (Ethereum) ?? / ?? MEDIUM No $11217
Step 2

Transfer or buy with peer-to-peer trading this coin: 0XC02A....

Step 3

Switch to spot trading on your trading platform and type the token name in search line. Choose between available trading pairs, then set order and push Buy AUXO button.


After you press buy, the Auxo token will be deposited in your account on the trading platform. Remember that just moving your coins off cryptocurrency exchange into secure hardware wallet such as Trezor T or Ledger Nano S, you can improve protection of your finances. This isn't just cut your risk if your cryptocurrency exchange of choice gets cracked, but if you move to a “cold,” or offline, wallet, your Auxo cryptocurrency turn into virtually unbreakable. Only disadvantage is generally have to pay a small withdrawal fee to transfer your coins from the exchange.

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What is Auxo

# About $AUXO $AUXO is an ERC-20 Token deployed on the Ethereum Network that represents shares of the Auxo DAO treasury. The AUXO token has a strictly controlled policy of expansion, it is designed to be non-dilutive versus the net asset value (NAV) of the treasury and there is no mechanism of inflation. The AUXO token is fully distributed to it’s token holders, aside from 20% of supply held by the DAO as protocol-owned-liquidity used in market making. ## Net Asset Value The Net Asset Value for AUXO is calculated as total assets held by the protocol divided by the total AUXO supply, in math terms: NAV = Assets / Total_Auxo_Supply ### Assets are comprised of: - Liquid assets held in the treasury - Illiquid assets held in the treasury - ETH side of AUXO-ETH pairs where the treasury is providing liquidity The valuation of the assets will follow a 7 day TWAP. The price of liquid assets will be recorded for TWAP computation every day at market open. — The price of illiquid assets will vary based on the nature of the liquid asset itself. In case of escrowed tokens such as esGMX, their price will be assumed to be the same as their liquid equivalents (i.e. GMX).) It is only possible to mint new tokens with governance approval, specifically via an inflow of new capital into the treasury at NAV value through a mechanism known as bonding

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Geometry Dash - "Auxo" 100% Complete [All Coins] | Auxo.-.

Statistics and Externals

Concepts of hash algorithm not applicable to Auxo crypto.

Price and supply

The current total supply is 372.3 thousands, with a circulating supply of 0 AUXO as of May 2024. The max amount of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the Auxo is 372314.

The Auxo cryptocurrency price is $14.35 as of 11:23 AM. The price change on 0% over the past 24 hours. The recent price action left the token's market capitalization at 0 united states dollars. So far previous 30 days, the Auxo cryptocurrency has a change of 0%.


What exchange can I buy Auxo coin?

Auxo coin can be purchased from one trading platform. The list includes: Uniswap V3 (Ethereum).

Is Auxo cryptocurrency a good investment?

The Auxo has a high risks of value go down. Because of high volatility of all crypto industry you bear in mind: you can lose all of your invested funds, any cryptocurrency has a possibility price to crash to zero and learn the risks before you start trading. The another side of that it's possible to get filthy rich by investing in crypto.


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